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Malaysia Rubberwood Dining Furniture & Rubberwood Furniture: A Great Alternative

Malaysia's rubberwood furniture has been an essential part of our daily lives. Malaysia Rubberwood furniture is the kind of furniture that is made from rubberwood. Rubberwood is also known as parawood. It is grown and harvested in Asia partially because of its sap that contains latex. After 20-30 years, the sap of the parawood dries up. The tree is cut down during this time so that its lumber can be used for making furniture. Rubberwood has been harvested in small scale before but now it is increasingly becoming popular because of its usefulness. Usually another rubberwood will be planted in place of the cut-down tree.

It is interesting to note that Malaysia rubberwood furniture does not have the characteristics suggested by its name. This wood is dense, solid and sturdy. In fact, it is considered as a hardwood that belongs to the maple family. It rarely cracks or warps, making it an ideal material for furniture. Its surface does not easily get scratched and thus you can expect that it can last for a long time with its original beauty preserved.

Malaysia rubberwood share some characteristics with oak when it comes to looks. It has a light color and the grains are visible too; only that the grains of oak are more pronounced and defined. Running your hands over an unfinished surface of rubberwood will let you feel that it is smooth with a mild grainy feel. There are no chances for a sliver to get stuck in your hands.

Rubberwood has a natural light finish that is why it looks good on most finishes. Pine, for example, has a yellow undertone which makes it difficult for woodworkers to retain the true color of the stain. Alder, on the other hand, is very red so it is not versatile to stains. Since rubberwood is light-colored, its subtle undertones do not negatively affect the stains. And because its surface is smooth, it is easy to paint.

There are many different kinds of Malaysia wooden furniture that are made of rubberwood. From your kitchen dining set to your wooden kitchen utensils; your coffee table at home to your computer desk in the office. Malaysia Rubberwood furniture is a great alternative because it is cheaper and it is resilient. You can have a durable piece of furniture without spending too much on other expensive types of wood.

Benefits of Malaysia Rubber Wood Furniture

You will not only get the benefits of rubberwood once you have purchased Malaysia rubberwood furniture. That's because most of the natural rubber products such as latex and tyres are made from the sap that the tree produces. It only means that you have benefited from your rubber wood furniture for a long time before actually sitting or dining on it.

Malaysia rubberwood furniture is durable and sturdy and thus ensures the safety of your family as well as your safety while you are in your office. It is a good thing that timber suppliers found this alternative. With rubber wood furniture, you can truly make your home or office more beautiful without hurting your pocket or bank account.

Wooden Furniture Malaysia :: Rubberwood Furniture Malaysia :: Malaysia Rubberwood Dining Furniture :: Country Furniture Malaysia :: Tile Top Dining Tables Malaysia :: Cottage Chairs Malaysia

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